Become a Calculus 1 Master


Become a Calculus 1 Master

What Will I Learn?
  • Precalculus, including everything about functions, their graphs, and how to modify functions
  • Limits & Continuity, including how to solve every kind of limit problem, and how to find discontinuities in a function
  • Derivatives, including all of the derivative rules, the infamous chain rule, and how to do implicit differentiation
  • Applications of Derivatives, including two of the hardest topics from Calc 1: optimization and related rates
  • A decent foundation (it doesn’t have to be perfect! :D) in Algebra is required for this course.
  • Some experience with Trigonometry/Precalc would be helpful, but isn’t required.



This 338-lesson course includes video and text explanations of everything in Calculus 1, and it includes more than 110 quizzes (with solutions!) to help you test your understanding along the way. Become a Calculus 1 Master is organized into four sections:

  • Precalculus
  • Limits & Continuity
  • Derivatives
  • Applications of Derivatives

These are the four chapters at the beginning of every Calculus 1 class.

And here’s what you get inside of every lesson:

Videos: Watch over my shoulder as I solve problems for every single math issue you’ll encounter in class. We start from the beginning… I explain the problem setup and why I set it up that way, the steps I take and why I take them, how to work through the yucky, fuzzy middle parts, and how to simplify the answer when you get it.

Notes: The notes section of each lesson is where you find the most important things to remember. It’s like Cliff Notes for books, but for math. Everything you need to know to pass your class and nothing you don’t.

Quizzes: When you think you’ve got a good grasp on a topic within a course, you can test your knowledge by taking one of our quizzes. If you pass, wonderful. If not, you can review the videos and notes again or ask me for help in the Q&A section.


“This course is absolutely amazing, I use both this course and the calc 2 course to be able to keep up with accelerated, without this i would be screwed. She’s very easy to understand.” – Dean V.

“I’m really enjoying how the course has been simplified and made easy to understand. The quizzes after every section helped solidify the concepts. Everything is explained in detail and with great simplicity. I really like the way Krista teaches, It’s quite clear, straightforward and easy to understand. It’s comprehensive interactive course and totally worth the time and money! I bought all calculus volumes.” – Ghaith A.

“Very well-made. Instructor explained everything clearly; found no difficulties understanding topics of study through instructor’s teaching methods. Done very well, overall! Glad to have invested in this course!” – Anish S.


“There is very clear instructions. I’m learning this before actually taking calculus in college so I can have a deeper understanding of math (I’m a math major). She explains everything very thoroughly and works through every problem as if you’re a beginner. I will say that I am terrible at receiving audible information but brilliant with someone showing me how to do something on a board and she makes it very clear at understanding everything. I am very pleased to have this much course coverage. I feel like I have my own personal tutor without the expense. Btw if you like math, trigonometric identities are fun!” – Christian R.

“I am very satisfied with this course. It is very clear, delivers all the interesting topics I like that I am taken from knowing little to actually knowing the calculus including the applied mathematics too. This is only Calculus I but it gives me not only sense of accomplishment and understanding but also the foundation for the future courses.” – Robert B.

“I’m self studying mathematics for my electrical engineering degree and this course has been very VERY helpful. I find myself doing these videos before my homework. It makes me want to keep learning. Thank you Krista.” – Lester S.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who’s completed Algebra and some Trigonometry/Precalc and wants to take the next step
  • Current calculus students, or students about to start calculus who are looking to get ahead
  • Homeschool parents looking for extra support with calculus
  • Anyone who wants to study calculus for fun after being away from school for a while

Created by Krista King
Last updated 1/2019

Size: 1.66 GB

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