Beginner React (2019). Create a Movie Web App


Beginner React (2019). Create a Movie Web App

A project oriented React course! Create an IMDB style real world Web Application in React js

What you’ll learn

  • Build an entire real world Web App from start to finish
  • Use Create-React-App as a base

  • The basics of React ( reactjs )

  • State, Props and the flow between components
  • A lot of ES6 Syntax
  • Create and use React Components
  • Connect to an external API
  • Routing with React Router
  • Deploy the finished App
  • Use Local Storage to keep state
  • Basic coding principles
  • Javascript fundamentals
  • HTML and CSS (CSS not that important)


UPDATED July 2019. Added fully responsive design and a more modern look to certain element.

UPDATED June 2019. Added bonus video with React Hooks! The course now includes how to convert a class component with state into using a stateful functional component with Hooks.

Are you a developer and a beginner at React? Do you want to learn React.js fundamentals in a real world project oriented course? Do you like quick learning and straight down to the point? Then this is the course for you!

Guaranteed no “foo” and “bar” … and no “to-do-list” app 😉

There’s many great React.js courses out there but they’re very huge and A LOT to grasp for beginners. My teaching style and belief is that you learn more by creating many smaller projects than one overwhelming 25 + hours course that tries to show you everything and don’t focus on the fundamentals that much. So this is a 3 hour(ish) course where You’ll learn how to create a Movie App from scratch based on The Movie DB API.

Some reviews are saying:

“One of the best project oriented courses on Udemy very recommended”

“The instructor was very creative in figuring out a nice illustrative use case for the Movie DB API.”

“A perfect course and a great project with the best explanation possible, I recommend it to everyone that wants to understand the logic of React and how it works.”

What will we do in the course?

We’ll build a light version of an IMDB style React DB Web Application and dive straight into creating our app and gradually learn more until we reach the finish.

My main goal with this course is to mix fun with teaching. There’s many tutorials and courses out there that are great but too complex and focus on a lot at the same time. I’m a great movie lover myself so therefore I thought it would be fun to create a web application based on movie data for this course. Hope you enjoy it too!

Please make sure to download the STARTER FILES from the resources!

PLEASE NOTE! We’re using a free API key from The Movie Database in this course. This is a great API with a lot of information about Movies and TV Series. Please note that I can not guarantee that the API key i have provided for the course will work forever. Therefore I will not take responsibility for this. I strongly recommend you to get your own free API key from The Movie Database. Just register for a free account at The Movie Database and go to your account setting area and select API in the menu. There you can register for your own free API key.

In this course you’ll learn:

– React Fundamentals

– Components, props and state

– JSX syntax and expressions

– Fetching data from an external API

– Lifecycle Methods

– Use Create-React-App

– Deploy the finished App

– ES6+ concepts and syntax

– Use Local Storage to keep state

– BONUS: Destructuring state and props with ES6

Who this course is for:
  • Coders who want to learn React

Created by Thomas Weibenfalk
Last updated 7/2019

Size: 2.60 GB

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  1. cesar says

    I really dont know how to thank you guys. I’ve learning so much react and u guys are helping me. Cheers!

  2. ozzHS says

    Thank you so much for the updated React courses.

  3. Niko says

    BAD LINK !!!

    1. FCS says

      @Niko Thanks for letting us know. Btw link fixed

      1. Niko says

        this link for React Hooks Video Player (2019)

        1. FishAnonymous29 says

          Hello, you need to check link again.
          This links to the “React Hooks Video Player (2019)” download,
          but we need the “Beginner React (2019). Create A Movie Web App”, it is different form same author, please advice.
          Thank you.

          1. FCS says

            @Niko Thanks again we fix the link now its fine

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