Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales (No Coding)


Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales (No Coding)

WordPress theme for digital marketing strategy that increase sale,online store,landing page,email list,blog by WordPress

What you’ll learn

  • Will have your own WordPress website ready for your business
  • Will be able to create successful Landing pages that increase sale

  • Will be able to create your own online store and sell any products

  • will be able to grab customer’s emails and create your own email list
  • Will be able to build your site that attract and convince people
  • Will be abale to create blogs to bring more traffic into your website
  • Will receive your WordPress Website Certificate
  • For this course you need to have a hos, domain, and wordpress theme (I will reccomend what to use inside the course)
  • Join with an open mind and ready to learn
  • No knowledge of coding needed


Create a WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales (No Coding needed)

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  • Overall, 2000+ TOP Reviews on all my courses
  • Practical proven steps that bring result for students


We will use a powerful WordPress Theme to build a successful website for Marketing, Sales, Blogging, Online store, Convincing landing pages. LET YOUR BUSINESS GROW.


In this WordPress Website course You will learn how to:

  • Setup your hostdomain and install WordPress on it
  • Analyze WordPress themes to find the best choice ( I also will suggest best WordPress theme for marketing & sale)
  • Install the WordPress theme and build your own website
  • Create slider and call to action
  • Use powerful digital marketing strategies on your site
  • Use tricks that attract and convince people
  • Build your own blog that can rank in search engines
  • Work with WooCommerce and build your own store
  • Create powerful landing pages for your products and business
  • Work with Mailchimp
  • Create subscriber forms for different goals


During this Instagram WordPress website course we will learn and practice lots of powerful tools which makes marketing easier. It creates a powerful source as social media marketing and help you to create a successful landing pages for your business. You can build a powerful website that completely works from and make sales within a week. Hopefully by the end of the course you will have a successful website that have the ability to bring traffic, make money and convince people by digital marketing strategy. (depending on applying the strategies).

WordPress as a powerful platform for building a website without any coding is extremely helpful in building a successful website specially for marketing. For sure there are many other platforms out there like Wix which help you build your site very fast, but ask yourself

  1. Will they work good for marketing?
  2. Can you control everything?
  3. Can you add/remove any element on your site?
  4. Can you have your own store with no third party to take a cut from you?
  5. and much more …


Along the way I will point out to many powerful marketing tips that can grow your business and website much faster. Pay attention to the bonus marketing strategies inside the course.


If you really want to achieve everything said above join this course NOW! , build your own WordPress website and take your business to the next level with “Create WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales” course.

WordPress Website For Marketing & Sales by Pouya Eti

Who is the target audience?
  • Small businesses who need a wordpress website to do marketing & sales
  • People who want to start working as an affiliate or sell their product
  • Anyone who want to learn how to work with WordPress

Created by Pouya Eti | Digital Marketing Expert |, Alireza Etemadi | Marketing Strategy Expert |
Last updated 11/2018
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