Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2


Dependency Injection in Android with Dagger 2

Learn the fundamental theory of Dependency Injection and use Dagger 2 to develop clean Android applications

What you’ll learn

  • Understand the architectural significance of dependency injection in Android applications
  • Master Dagger 2 dependency injection framework

  • Integrate Dagger 2 into Android applications using the simplest and the cleanest approach

  • Implement Pure Dependency Injection without any third-party frameworks
  • Hands-on experience with Android development (preferably 6 months or more)
  • Knowledge of Java


Many professional Android developers use Dagger 2 dependency injection framework to build clean and maintainable Android applications. Dependency injection is one of the most fundamental and beneficial architectural pattern in object-oriented design, and it is used extensively in Android world.

After completing this course you’ll know what dependency injection is and how to use Dagger 2 dependency injection framework.

You’ll understand that dependency injection is not about frameworks, annotations, reflection or code generation, but about the fundamental design and architecture of your Android apps. You’ll realize that dependency injection is not black magic and that all real-world Android applications, even the simplest ones, can benefit from it.

Even though the end goal of this course is to teach you Dagger 2, I will also show you how to implement so-called Pure Dependency Injection in Android without using any third-party libraries at allThis will allow you to fully understand and appreciate the role of dependency injection frameworks.

  • Professional grade
  • From fundamentals to best practices
  • Optimized for experienced Android developers
  • Non-trivial examples
  • Concise
  • Source code on GitHub with step-by-step commits history for easier review

Just like any other tool, dependency injection frameworks can be very helpful in Android development, or be misused. Therefore, while there are many alternative ways to use Dagger 2 in your applications, not all of them are equally good.

This course will spare you a lot of time because you’ll quickly learn how to integrate Dagger 2 into Android applications to achieve the best structure optimized for long term maintainability. This approach was tested in many professional commercial projects and it produces outstanding results.

So, if you want to learn what dependency injection is and how to use Dagger 2 to develop clean and maintainable Android applications – this course is for you.

I can’t wait to see you inside.

Who this course is for:

  • Professional Android developers

Created by Vasiliy Zukanov
Last updated 2/2019

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