Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS


Full Stack Web Development using the MERN stack and DEVOPS

Learn all the technology needed to become a modern full stack web developer

What you’ll learn

  • NodeJS, Express, MongoDB, React, Docker and CI/CD


  • Basic knowledge of NodeJS and ExpressJS or and web frameworks


Complete new course that will help you attain your dreams of becoming a full stack web developer. The course is designed out of my personal experience as a software developer and building several web applications. This course touches all the modern technologies need today, including but not limited to nodeJS, expressJS, reactJS, containers, continuous integration and  continuous delivery (CI/CD) and the google cloud platform.  In todays world, companies are project requirements as a web developer has drastically grown and will continue to grow as companies demand to sort the best amongst us all.

The primary goal of this course is to expose you to help software developers write good APIs using expressJS, test those APIs using postman and send anticipated data to a front end app while handling errors. We also looked at containerizing an express application and pushing the container to dockerhub using a  CI/CD offered by travis-ci. Like that wasn’t enough, we also went on to talk about google cloud app engine and hosted our application there. As a bonus, we used google cloud storage to save our static images. On the front end, we used reactJS. We explored both functional and class based components. This was consciously done because a lot of companies still use class based components. We also used redux for state management.

While lasting over 30 hours, the course focused on key concepts that will help you get the right understanding.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners

Created by Odafe Idogho, Orezime Learning
Last updated 6/2021
English [Auto]

Size: 14.62 GB

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