Golang For DevOps And Cloud Engineers


Learn by example how to use Go (Golang) with REST APIs, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, GitHub, Kubernetes, and more

What you’ll learn

  • Learn Golang basics by example
  • Learn how to use Golang as a DevOps or Cloud Engineer with industry specific use-cases
  • Learn how to use the AWS Go SDK
  • Learn how to use the Azure Go SDK
  • Learn how to use the Kubernetes API and Go SDK
  • Integrate with GitHub Webhooks in Go
  • Write your own Identity Provider (IdP) with OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Write your own SSH Server and Client in Go
  • Create an openssl-alike command line utility to create X.509 Certificates to run an https-secured webserver
  • Integrate Let’s Encrypt certificates and use mutual TLS (mTLS) between services
  • Write your own DNS Server (Resolver) in Go, using only official Golang libraries


  • Some scripting or programming experience will be a plus, as not every foundational concept will be explained
  • If you’re planning to use AWS or Kubernetes with Go, you’ll need some basic AWS/Kubernetes experience


If you are working in the Cloud or DevOps space, then this course is for you. Golang has been gaining massively in popularity in the recent years. Forget the small shell scripts you’d write to glue things together. You can create real programs with a great programming language created by Google. It compiles fast, it runs fast, it has static typing, and it has been used to write popular applications like Docker and Kubernetes. It’s the best choice to write your next applications in!

I’ll show you how to write applications to integrate with any third party that has a REST API. While I’m explaining you our first program that will make API calls, you’ll learn step by step how to use Go. Next, I’ll show you how to integrate with the AWS API to launch a new instance using Go. Not launching instances anymore because you’re workload is completely containerized? The next section shows you how to use the Kubernetes API using the Kubernetes go-client.

Once you went on to integrate with those technologies, you should be able to write your own Go code to integrate with the APIs that you’re using within your organization. Happy learning!

I also answer all questions in the Q&A section and you can reach out to me by direct message. I run weekly office hours if you want to talk to me!

Note: this course has Closed Captions available in English (not auto-generated)

Who this course is for:

  • DevOps or Cloud Engineers looking to start using Golang
  • Anyone with an interest in Golang
  • Anyone who’d like to use Golang to integrate with AWS / Kubernetes / REST APIs

Created by Edward Viaene
Last updated 11/2022

Size: 5.99 GB

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