Master NestJS – The JavaScript Node.js Framework


Build REST and GraphQL APIs in NestJS a Node JavaScript Backend Framework, learn Unit and E2e testing!

What you’ll learn

  • Developing robust REST APIs
  • Understand and Create GraphQL APIs
  • Testing with Unit & End to End Tests
  • Robust Development Workflow using Docker
  • Using modern database abstraction (TypeORM)
  • Understand Modules, Providers and Services!
  • Learn Authentication & Authorization (with Passport)
  • Understand how JWT Tokens Work
  • Understand how to configure the app and how to keep logs
  • Understand the Query Builder – learn how to build queries effectively
  • Learn how to validate and serialize data
  • Learn to use Nest CLI
  • Understand code design patterns like Repository or Service


  • Basic JavaScript understanding


NestJS is one of the most modern Node.js frameworks out there. This course will teach you everything you need to know to get started ASAP!

I value your time most, and make sure that every minute of the course is filled with what you really need!

We will cover basics, like routing and controllers. Then all the database topics using the TypeORM framework, like repository pattern, query building, and relations. You can use MySQL or Postgres with the course.

We’ll be using Docker to run the database, as that’s the most modern and up-to-date real-life way, you’ll be running your databases at work. We’ll take time to understand what Docker is and how it works.

I’ll take time to explain how NestJS works – including tough topics like Providers and Dependency Injection. Believe me, though it’s pretty tough to understand and crack at first, it’s a powerful feature and needs to be understood well – you can count on me here!

There we get into authentication & authorization. Every app needs user accounts and related security, making sure users can only do what we want them to do. I’ll explain how to do that with NestJS, with plenty of examples. I’ll also take time to deep-dive into JWT Tokens – something other courses will skip!

You’ll use Passport.js – a standard Node library to handle authentication.

Finally, I got you covered with Unit testing & End to End testing. You will learn all the ins and outs of how to do that properly with Nest, including a lot of examples and real-world scenarios you’ll run into for sure!

Let’s not forget we’ll learn how to use Postman to work with our API.

You won’t be building yet another boring example taken straight out of the documentation, instead, you’ll build an API for an existing frontend project (made in Vue 3) – that’s included in the course! Your job is to build an API for an Event attending application. You’ll have a lot of fun doing it!

Some of the topics we’ll cover, include:

  • Routing and controllers
  • Databases including TypeORM (Repository, Query Builder, Relations)
  • Using Docker in your local development workflow
  • Data validation and serialization
  • All about NestJS modules, Dependency Injection, and Providers
  • Configuring, logging, error handling
  • Authentication including Passport.js, Bcrypt
  • JSON Web Tokens (JWT) tokens explained, generation and usage
  • Authorization (making sure the user has privileges)
  • Using Postman (including collections, environments, and automating Postman)
  • Unit testing
  • End to End testing (including connecting to a database)
  • GraphQL APIs

The course comes with full source code included and is available on GitHub at all times. Including a separate branch for every lecture with code changes.

I’ve made sure everything is as clear and simple as possible, so there are a lot of diagrams and visual aids included (and available for download too!).

Join the community in the Q&A forums and on our Discord channel – talk to other students, and share your progress, questions and insights!

I made the extra effort to organize the topics in a way that would make you enjoy the process of learning. The course is short and to the point but covers plenty of topics in surprising detail!

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone wanting to build APIs

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