Nuxt JS with Laravel API – Building SSR Vue JS Apps


Nuxt JS with Laravel API - Building SSR Vue JS Apps

Learn Laravel API Development. Learn Nuxt JS from Scratch to build SPA, Static and SSR Vue JS Web Apps with Vuex.

What you’ll learn

  • Be able to build modern web apps (SPA, Static & SSR) using Nuxt JS
  • Be able to build powerful and scalable API’s using Laravel PHP Framework

  • Learn API Development with Laravel

  • Learn Frontend Web Development with Nuxt Js
  • Master both backend and frontend web development
  • Authentication using JWT
  • Global Validation
  • Middlewares
  • Implement CRUD (create, read, update, delete)
  • Laravel API Resources
  • Topic/Posts Relationship (for example Post/Comments)
  • Likes – Polymorphic Relationship
  • Global Mixins
  • Learn to use Postman
  • Deployment
  • Basic knowledge of Vue JS
  • Basic knowledge of Laravel
  • Local development environment to create a fresh Laravel project


Hello and welcome to the complete Laravel API Development with Nuxt JS as a frontend frameworkthat helps you build powerful Server Side Rendered Vue js applications with Vuex in a best possbile way.

This course is made to take you from zero to hero to build a complete frontend of your web application using Nuxt JS.

So why learn Nuxt js?

Mainly because it helps you build Vue js applications the best way. Nuxt comes with routing and server side rendering out of the box. with Nuxt, you can build Single Page App(SPA)Static Site and fully Server Side Rendered (SSR)  web applications. These applications are tend to be extremely fast and performant!

And if you already know Vue JSNuxt js will be very easy for you to learn. With Nuxt JS you will continue, to become a  better Vue JS developer… and not to mention… Vue JS is the world’s most popular and most loved JavaScript framework of recent time.

Why learn API development?

Well, Laravel is a developers dream. It gives you so much out of the box, no matter how big your project is, you will be able to develop and scale your app in no time.

Laravel is currently the worlds most popular web framework for building fullstack web applications. You can build any type of server side applications with it. And greater API support has been added to this amazing framework in recent versions.

So who is this course for?

This course is for people with at least a basic knowledge of Vue JS. And for people who are already familier to Laravel Basics but wants to dive into API development.

However, you can skip the Laravel part and only continue with Nuxt JS if you want to avoid writing your own backend API.

So in short, this is the only course on Udemy that teaches you how to build your own API with Laravel and also build a frontend with Nuxt JS all in one course!

So what’s the course like?

This course begins with the absolute basics of Nuxt JS. Then it goes through all the fundamentals of Nuxt JS. You will also build a project while learning Nuxt and also deploy to firebase hosting.

Once you understand everything about Nuxt, you will move to Laravel. With Laravel , you will learn to build a powerful backend with everything you wish to include such as AuthenticationCRUDlikesrelationshipsAPI resources and more…

This course is your gateway to the present and future of modern web development, where the backend is separated from the frontend. All in all, this course has all the ingredients to make you A Truly Fullstack Web Developer!!!

About the course, I will be personally helping the students via Q&A section of Udemy so if you ever get stuck, you wont be alone. I will be there to help you.

Finally, Udemy has 30 day money back guarantee! so if for some reason you are not satisfied, you can get your money back. Its completly risk free!

So join me in this course and Master the API driven web development with Nuxt JS for building modern web applications.

This course also have a bigger, most exciting final project. You will be building A Complete API with Laravel which will have Authentication, CRUD, Relationships including polymorphic relationship for Likes and whole lot more…

You will also learn to use postman for testing while building your API.

By the end you will be comfortable enough to start off your next big project using Laravel backend to serve as your API and Nuxt JS to build a frontend client for your Web Application. Please go through the curriculum below to get a bigger picture about this course.

Thank you!

Who this course is for:

  • Laravel developer who wants build an API
  • Vue JS developer who wants to build SSR web apps using Nuxt JS
  • Web Developer who wants to master both frontend and backend to build cutting edge web apps

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Last updated 12/2018
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