Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals – STUDIO BASICS


Paint Realistic Watercolor and Botanicals - STUDIO BASICS

This foundation tutorial will help you understand essential work+studio basics for realistic watercolour and botanicals.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand sound studio, materials and technique basics needed to create realistic watercolour and botanical paintings
  • Learn about materials so you understand what to purchase… don’t waste money on the wrong things!
  • Learn how to improve your environment, approaches and results of your own work
  • Build practical strategy towards successful outcomes
  • Feel confidence in yourself by getting the right information
  • Prepare yourself for my subsequent ‘hands on, step by step’ tutorials
  • You don’t need to do a thing! This is the FIRST STEP. This course will help you know where to start if you are a beginner, what you can improve if you’re already away, or for those seeking to find ‘their thing’… to simply decide IF watercolor is for you. This is a predominantly informative tutorial, however you can practice some of the demonstrations I explain in this content for yourself. This is all about getting the RIGHT processes and materials, so watch this BEFORE you buy anything… then play all you like!


This is a foundation watercolour course from a highly experienced, competent artist and tutor. This tutorial is jam packed with wonderful hints, tips, and insights on everything from studio environments, to materials, to important work practices. The course finishes with 2 levels of exercises, specifically designed to familiarise you with the most common water-colour techniques needed for realistic watercolors and botanicals. This comprehensive guide will definitely get you off on the right foot… and to keep you going and growing! With well over 3 hours of knowledge rich content on how to get started in this medium, this is a wonderful opportunity to gain quality insights into the beautiful world of water-colour painting, and launch you onto your own painting path successfully.

Who is the target audience?
  • Anyone who is interested in watercolors should take this course
  • This course is especially helpful to those who prefer realistic painting and natural subjects
  • People who would love to paint in watercolour, but aren’t sure where to start
  • People who have some experience, but are looking to improve their knowledge and skills in the watercolour medium
  • This course is for everyone who has contacted me with watercolour questions!
  • This is the foundation course for anyone looking to take my subsequent ‘step by step’ water-colour painting tutorials

Created by Heidi Willis
Last updated 8/2016

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