React Node SEO Website With Contact Form for Beginners


Build a Local Business site with multiple pages and contact form with images upload. Extremely fast with SSR for SEO.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn to build extremely fast websites using React with NodeJs
  • Learn images upload with Cloudinary
  • Learn how to send emails using Sendgrid
  • Learn to make static pages of your React website SEO friendly
  • Learn to deploy Node Js API to heroku
  • Learn to deploy react app to heroku
  • Easily build a fully functioning website in under 3 hours


  • Basic understanding of JavaScript


Building real website using react node should not be hard. In this course you will learn to build fullstack react node website with SEO and contact form, a perfect website for local business or any portfolio site.

You will also learn how to use npm libraries like cloudinary and sendgrid to build real world project. Even though this course is short, you will get a taste of full stack javascript with node express in the backend api and react in the frontend.


New section added – Deploying Node Js API and React App to Heroku

Do you want to Build Extremely Fast Website with React and Node that is mostly suitable for Local Businesses.

Do you want to Build a Website where user can have a Contact/Feedback Form?

Do you want to Build a Website where users can Upload Single/Multiple Images?

Do you want to Build a Website with Multiple Pages?

Do you want to Build a Website with Static Content?

Do you want to Build a ReactJs powered Website that is also SEO friendly?

Do you want to use Cloudinary for storing images in the cloud?

Do you want to use Sendgrid for sending emails?

Do you want to build a Website that is easy to build and style using Bootstrap4?


Then this is a perfect course for you.

Learn to Build a fully functioning, lightning fast, SEO friendly React NodeJs Powered Website in under 3 hours.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to build a fully functioning, extremely fast React websites with NodeJs
  • Anyone want to learn how to use Cloudinary for uploading single or multiple images
  • Anyone want to learn how to use Sendgrid for sending Emails
  • Anyone looking forward to get started building web apps with React and NodeJs
  • Anyone looking to build high performance SEO friendly websites mostly suitable for Local Business

Created by Ryan Dhungel
Last updated 10/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 1.10 GB

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