Snowflake Decoded – Fundamentals and hands on Training


Master the Fundamental Snowflake concepts & acquire the necessary skills to start implementing Snowflake based solutions

What you’ll learn

  • Snowflake Essentials, it’s unique architecture & its differentiation
  • Scalability through the virtual warehouse compute clusters
  • Staging & Ingesting bulk & streaming data from cloud storage
  • Unique features such as zero copy clones, time travel
  • Snowflake value proposition through its pricing model
  • Secure data sharing with snowflake & non-snowflake users


  • Familiarity with database & data warehousing concepts
  • Familiarity with SQL


This course is not affiliated with Snowflake (the company).

This course provides Snowflake concepts & hands on expertise to help get you started on implementing solutions using Snowflake. This course reinforces the learning through hands on labs, assignments & quizzes.

At a high level we will go through the following topics

Introduction –  A bit of history about snowflake & its differentiation.

Getting Started with Snowflake – Sign up for a snowflake trial, setup the required tools and will create & load our first table into Snowflake

Architecture – A look into the snowflake concepts, how the snowflake decoupled architecture differs from the traditional database architectures. We will explore how Snowflake virtual warehouses allow scaling up and down of compute as per demand.

Getting data into Snowflake – We will explore the ingestion or loading methods available in Snowflake i.e. bulk copy & snowpipe. We will stage the data in an S3 bucket and load into Snowflake table using both bulk copy and snowpipe. We will also explore ways to load semi structured data like JSON into Snowflake.

Time Travel & Zero Copy Clones – Time travel & cloning is a very powerful feature unique to Snowflake. We will explore how time travel can help you recover data before a query was run or before a specific time. Combine time travel with cloning and you can create new tables which contain data back in time, and all that without incurring additional storage cost.

Secure Data Sharing – Snowflake based solutions can easily share data with other Snowflake users as well as non Snowflake users. We will explore ways on how to share your data and also how the sharing reuses existing storage.

Who this course is for:

  • Snowflake beginner to intermediate skills.
  • Basic knowledge of databases & data warehousing

Created by Hamid Qureshi
Last updated 1/2021
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  1. Josh says

    Never mind, it worked, thanks!

  2. Sanish Thapa says

    Can someone please provide seed on this course? I am stuck on 47% since last month. Help!!

  3. Sanish Thapa says

    Can someone please provide seed on this course? I have been stuck on 47% since last month. Help!! Please

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