Svelte & SvelteKit: The Complete Guide


Build & Deploy High Performance, Accessible, Server Side Rendered Web Apps that Work Even with JavaScript Disabled.

What you’ll learn

  • Learn everything about Svelte from Scratch.
  • Learn everything about SvelteKit.
  • Use SvelteKit to create a high performance web application.
  • Create applications that work without JavaScript enabled.


  • JavaScript Knowledge is Required.
  • Basic TypeScript Knowledge is Preferred.


NOTE: The duration of the main content of the course is about 17.5 hours. The rest is for creating the Spotify app.

Svelte is a JavaScript framework that allows you to build state driven components. However what makes Svelte different from other frameworks like Angular, React and Vue; is that Svelte is a compiler. Svelte runs at build time. Which means your Svelte code will be compiled at build time into highly efficient imperative code that runs on the browser to carry out DOM operations. Other famous frameworks usually use a technique called the virtual DOM to decide how to update the DOM. This technique runs in the browser during run time. And that adds more overhead to the DOM calculations.

In this course we are going to learn everything about Svelte from scratch. We will start with the basics by creating simple components. And then gradually progress and create more complex components.

And while Svelte is a great tool to build components for the web, it’s not an easy task to build an entire application with just Svelte. That’s why we have SvelteKit. SvelteKit is a framework for rapid development of robust, performant web applications. SvelteKit provides us out of the box with things like routing, server side rendering, pre-rendering and more. It provides us with a structure that we can follow to build high performance applications that are server side rendered and progressively enhanced.

In this course we are going to learn everything about SvelteKit. We are going to discuss pages and layouts, loading data, hooks, error handling, environment variables, pre-rendering, progressively enhanced form actions and more.

Finally we are going to bring everything together by building a Spotify clone with Svelte, SvelteKit and the Spotify API. Bringing together all the knowledge that we have learned during the course. You can check a demo of the app that we are going to build in the free videos.

So join now if you want to build high performance web applications with Svelte & SvelteKit!

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript/Front-end developers willing to learn everything about building web components with Svelte.
  • JavaScript/Front-end developers looking to build a high performance, server side rendered application with SvelteKit.

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Last updated 2/2023
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