The Complete Spring Boot Development Bootcamp


Become a Java Web Developer: MVC, REST API, OpenAPI Documentation, Testing, Spring Data JPA (SQL), Spring Security (JWT)

What you’ll learn

  • Launch an HTTP Server
  • Model View Controller
  • Field Validation
  • Beans and Dependency Injection
  • Unit Testing Business Logic.
  • Integration Testing the Request – Response Lifecycle.
  • Exception Handling
  • OpenAPI Documentation
  • Spring Data JPA (SQL Database)
  • Spring Security (Basic)
  • Spring Security (JWT)


  • Java
  • Object-Oriented Programming


Spring Boot is the best Java framework for developing web applications. It favors convention over configuration, making it super easy to develop stand-alone, production-grade web services and APIs.

Become a Java Web Developer and Build Powerful APIs!

The Spring Boot Development Bootcamp offers support for Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ. The curriculum is as follows:

  1. Setting up a Spring Boot Project: Create a Spring Boot Project using best practices.
  2. Model View Controller: Build a Web application that adheres to the Model View Controller design.
  3. Field Validation: Validate fields prior to form submission to prevent the storage of invalid data.
  4. Three-Layer Codebase: Refactor your code to make sure it’s clean and scalable.
  5. Bean and Dependency Injection: Loosely couple your code using beans.
  6. Testing a Spring Boot Web Application: Write unit and integration tests to verify that your application is behaving correctly.
  7. React: Connect your Spring Boot application to a React Front-end.
  8. REST API: Develop a REST API that can process GET / POST / PUT / DELETE operations.
  9. OpenAPI: Document your application using the OpenAPI specification.
  10. Exception Handling: Make your API resilient by throwing and handling unchecked exceptions inside @ControllerAdvice.
  11. Spring Data JPA (SQL): Develop a REST API that interacts with an SQL database. Define relational tables that contain @OneToMany and @ManyToMany relationships.
  12. Spring Boot Security: Secure your application through Basic as well as Token-based Authentication (JWT).

This is the most interactive web development course online. Every section is packed with coding exercises.

We’re excited to have you on board. See you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • If you want to transition into Web Development (Backend).
  • If you want to build Sophisticated and Resilient Web APIs.
  • If you want to secure your Web API using modern techniques.
  • If you want to learn best practices from a Senior Developer.

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Last updated 3/2023
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