Competitive Programming Essentials, Master Algorithms 2022


Master competitive coding techniques – maths, number theory, dynamic programming, advanced data structures & algorithms

What you’ll learn

  • Understand & implement important techniques in Competitive Programming
  • Learn advanced techniques to optimise naive solutions
  • Ace code-thons and online coding competitons on Codeforces, HackerRank
  • Get ready for ACM-ICPC, Google Kickstart, CodeJam & more


  • Comfortable with at-least one programming language
  • Understanding & ability to code using data structures
  • Basic problem solving experience


Equip yourself with essential programming techniques required for ACM-ICPC, Google CodeJam, Kickstart, Facebook HackerCup & more. Welcome to Competitive Programming Essentials – the ultimate specialisation on Algorithms for Competitive Coders!

The online Competitive Programming Essentials by Coding Minutes is a highly exhaustive & rigorous course on Competitive Programming. The 50+ hours course covers the breadth & depth of algorithmic programming starting from a recap of common data structures, and diving deep into essential and advanced algorithms.

The course structure is well-researched by instructors who not only Competitive Coders but have worked with companies like Google & Scaler. This course will help you to get a solid grip of fundamental concepts & comes with practice questions so that you sail through online coding challenges and code-athons with ease. The course is divided into 10 modules and 50 sections covering topics like Mathematics, Number Theory, Bitmasking, Inclusion-Exclusion, Meet in the Middle Techniques, Segment Trees, Fenwick Trees, Square Root Decomposition, Graph Algorithms, Shortest Paths, Game Theory, Pattern Matching, Binary Search, Greedy Techniques, Dynamic Programming and even more.

The problem setters of the course are Siddharth Singhal and Rajdeep Singh. Both are upcoming software developers at Microsoft and Razorpay respectively. They both exhibit excellent knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithms and are avid competitive programmers.

Many top companies like Google, Facebook, Amazon, Directi, CodeNation, Goldman Sachs etc encourage Competitive Programming and conduct coding competitions to hire smart people who can solve problems.

Course Highlights

  • Instructors from Google & Scaler Academy
  • 50+ hours of high quality & structured content
  • In-depth coverage of all topics
  • Exhaustive Course Curriculum
  • Code Evaluation on Coding Exercises
  • Lifetime Access
  • Complimentary TA Doubt Support

Who this course is for:

  • Intermediate-Advanced Programmers who want to improve problem solving
  • University or college students who want to dive deep into algorithms
  • Coding enthusiasts who want to sharpen problem solving skills
  • Students preparing for ACM-ICPC and other online competitions

Created by Prateek Narang, Apaar Kamal, Coding Minutes
Last updated 7/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 18.98 GB

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