React E-Commerce & NodeJs API with over 100 how-to solutions


Build React E-commerce with NodeJs and MongoDB API with Payment Integration and 100 how-to solutions along the way

What you’ll learn

  • React Web App Development
  • NodeJs API Development
  • Understand E-commerce Fundamentals
  • Implement User Cart on Your Own
  • Write Functional React Components
  • Payment Integration (Credit Card, PayPal) using Braintree – A PayPal Company
  • Authentication, Authorization and Protecting Routes (Back to Front)
  • Dedicated Shop Page for Advance Search based on Category and Price Range
  • Products and Category CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete)
  • Image Preview and Upload
  • Products Search Feature in Navigation Menu
  • Using React Context as Global State
  • Using Local Storage to Persist Data
  • Admin and User Dashboard
  • Load More Pagination Feature
  • Products Quantity and Sold Quantity Update on Each Sale
  • Order Management by Admin
  • Email Notification to Users
  • Deployment to Heroku Cloud


  • Basic Understanding of JavaScript
  • Basic Understanding of React
  • Basic Understanding of NodeJs


A FullStack E-commerce App is one of the most popular project for most developers. Everything you learn building an E-commerce project will help you build many other full stack projects because they all share the same concept. Plus, you learn to implement Payment System which is vital to E-commerce apps any many other apps that has some type of monetization system in place. This is one of the main reason why E-commerce based courses are some of the most popular courses here on Udemy.

Why would you want to enroll into this course?

In this course, I have proved that E-commerce apps do not have to be overly complicated. You will be surprised how easy it is to build such rich app. With just the basic knowledge of React and Node, you will be able to build incredible apps of any kind. What you need is an effective way of learning complex topics in easy, practical way which I have provided in this course.

Why yet another E-commerce course?

I already have two E-commerce courses here on Udemy. So why create another one? First of all those existing E-commerce apps are very different in terms of functionalities and extra features. Another reason is the timing. The technology changes at rapid speed. The packages uses last year to create apps are no longer the same this year. That makes it very hard for new students to follow along. Besides E-commerce is one of the most popular project based course here in Udemy. So I had to make another one to make it easier for new developers. There is a lot of improvements in this course, the steps are much easier and straight forward. The code is cleaner and easier to understand.

Is this course suitable for you?

Yes, If you already know the basics of JavaScript, React and NodeJs. If not, then do not worry. Checkout the first few videos of this course for detailed instructions on how to make yourself ready to take on this project. Once you know the basics, you need more and more practice and I can not think of any other project than building E-commerce app from absolute scratch. The amount of knowledge you will gain in this course will be amazing. You will be able to start and successfully build any type of full stack app on your own after completing this course.

What will you learn in this course?

There is so much to learn. In short, you will learn to build React Web App that interacts with NodeJs API. Your app will be fully protected with the Authentication, Authorization and Protected Routes. With hundreds of how-to solutions, you will be amazed at how much you learn in one single course. Each line of code is explained and the clarity of code makes it an absolute joy to build this project.

What makes this course special?

This is the only course where you will learn well over hundreds of how-to solutions. All that in one single course, in one single project. With the beautiful workflow of building an entire E-commerce app from absolute scratch, adding features one after another, the understanding will flow into your brain in a natural way. With hundreds of how-to concepts covered throughout the building process, you will naturally get better at each exercise and implementation makes a lot of sense without any confusion.

What are some of the course highlights?

There are so many exciting features covered in this one course, you will be blown away by excitement and joy. Here are some of the exciting features you will learn to add to your web development skill set:

  • Creating, reading, updating and deleting products and categories
  • Uploading images
  • Using custom product card components to display products
  • Advance searching and filtering of products
  • Products based on categories
  • Sorting products by created date and sold quantity
  • Product in-stock/out-of-stock, sold quantity update etc
  • View product with relative products (suggestive selling)
  • User cart and orders history
  • Admin and user dashboards
  • Order management by admin
  • Email notification to users on order status change
  • Protected routes for logged-in and admin users
  • Braintree Payment System (Credit Card and PayPal)
  • Role based access
  • Deployment to heroku cloud
  • and lots more…

Join this incredible full stack course that guides you on how to build a real E-commerce app from absolute scratch with each line of code explained for you.

Experience the best learning experience with me Ryan while we build this beautiful project from the very beginning to live running live in Heroku cloud servers.

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript Developers learning to Build Real Apps with React
  • JavaScript Developers learning to Build NodeJs API
  • JavaScript Developers learning to Build E-commerce App with Advance CRUD, Authentication, Authorization, Searching and Filtering

Created by Ryan Dhungel
Last updated 10/2022
English [Auto]

Size: 9.78 GB

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