Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs


Real Time Single Page Forum App with Pusher Laravel & vuejs

Making Things Realtime With Pusher in Single Page App

What you’ll learn

  • Create Facebook like Real time Notification and real time reply
  • Create Real Time Like/Dislike System

  • You will learn How to generate Json Web Token (JWT) in Laravel and how to login and logout with Token

  • You are able to use create API with Laravel
  • Able to use Vuetify along with Vuejs
  • Update : Use Laravel WebSocket package to make realtime system free
  • You should have knowledge of Laravel and Vuejs Basics, that will make you understand things more easily.


What Will I Learn?

  • Using Pusher to Making Facebook Like real time Notifications
  • Using Pusher to create Real Time Like/DisLike system and real time reply
  • Installing Laravel
  • Using Git and Github
  • Setting Up Vue-Router
  • Vuetify implementation in laravel
  • Using Json Web Token (jwt) for Authentication in Laravel
  • How to create Single Page Application
  • How to create RestFul API.
  • How to transform any model for your API
  • Creating Model, Migration, Factory and seeding of data in laravel.
  • How to use Postman for checking API endpoints.
  • Handling Errors and Exceptions
Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who want to learn how to use Pusherjs for Real Time Apps
  • Anyone who want to know how to use JWT
  • Anyone who want to create Single Page App
  • Anyone who want to build Real time Single Page Discussion Forum App with Laravel and Vuejs
  • Anyone who want to know how to use Laravel as BackEnd only

Created by Sarthak Shrivastava
Last updated 8/2019
English [Auto-generated]

Size: 1.66 GB

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  1. Muzammil says

    Hey Thanks for this course.. but there is 3 more section in this course ..please update this course thanks a alot.
    22 Something Important and Conclusion
    23 Play Notification Sound
    24 From Pusher paid service to free laravel websocket service.

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